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released August 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Through These Words St Catharines, Ontario

4 friends playing music we love.

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Track Name: Challenger
Challenge yourself, live to make mistakes; Success is failure turned inside out.
No giving in. Pull yourself together now; give it all you've got.
Take what you can and give nothing back.
You're not the only one holding back with so much life left in the sea.
You won’t be getting anywhere when there’s always someone there to pull you under.
Keep falling short of getting anything right: So why even fucking bother?
Now ask yourself, what's it gonna take?
You're not throwing in the towel so who’s stopping you now?
So in time, you'll be able to say, "I've done it, I am relentless, I am the challenger"
And its not the first time, and it's not the last.
We all have problems, it’s all on you.
Track Name: Mouth of the South
I'm the King.
I'm moving on and I've never been more sure.
You can't sweet talk your way outa this one, I'm done with that shit.
I've sacrificed so much for this so called happy ending, and for what?
Let’s not lose these words in translation. I'm better off without you.
You brought your guns to a knife fight.
So sweetheart, break me down.
Don't you forget who was there to pull the knife from your back.
In the end, you'll get what's coming. I'm leaving you all behind.
I'm on a one way road, so you better buckle up girl; from here on out I can finally be myself.
When it’s said and done, look at yourself; you killed all the trust I had in you.
& all along I was telling myself this wasn’t over.
So go on and introduce yourself, it might save you.
Get on south & save yourself, the worst is yet to come.
No one is stopping you girl, get on with it.
Just go on and introduce yourself, it might save you.
You said I would never be anything, but look at me now.
Track Name: James Ready
Take five and listen up, pour me a drink and let’s get fucked up.
I've reached the bottom of the bottle and found myself at the top of the world.
So I thought me and my boys would have a little fun, grab a case and the nights begun.
We'll be fucking drinking till we see the sun.
I've reached the bottom of the bottle and found myself at the top of the world.
Oh yeah.
Track Name: For the Sake of Yourself
Go ahead, make my day.
It's just so hard to come across as a Mr. Nice guy; living life off second chances.
My thoughts were never this dark; but always this tragic. Darkness was a bliss only my nightmares foretold.
Never expect everything to fall into place.
& don’t expect to know your dream without falling victim to sleep.
Don’t you wonder what it's like to be me, and throw yourself into insanity? The only person that knew me is buried out of one’s misery.
I dream the skies on fire. All that I love, burning to the ground.
What would you give for another chance?
You fucking can't do a thing. You can't expect to be everything. It's not that easy.
So let it out, & tell the world. Don’t be afraid to shout out.
For the sake of yourself, believe you had it all.